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new pendant light

31 January 2010

So a little while ago I ordered a super awesome pendant light from Crate and Barrel – and this weekend we finally got around to hanging it.  A previous attempt led to us discovering that not ALL the old wiring in our house had been replaced which we had previously thought… so the actual hooking up of the light will wait till later.  But for now, we have a non-functional light hanging above our dining room table.  Anything is better than the current track lighting that is installed in the middle of the dining room.  Sometimes it’s hard to believe that the daughter of an architect lived here before us.  Believe me, my boss’s son’s houses are AWESOME – sometimes I wish my boss would help me work on our house like he has worked on his son’s.  Glass tile bathroom, custom cabinetry, very nice Delta lights and a huge new skylight anyone? yes please! 

Anyhoo, here is the ‘before’ pic with only the ceiling junction box peeking through. 

and here is the light installed! 

hopefully we can get an electrician friend in soon to advise us about replacing the old wiring and getting this fixture hooked up. 

ps. how bout that awesome solid teak table that my grandmother so lovingly gave to me and Joey?! I will take better pictures soon.  it is awesome!

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