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kitchen destroyer

11 February 2010

Joey = kitchen destroyer….  this is what a full day off work will do to our house.  It is a good thing, but it kinda makes me nervous.  You know it’s going to be good when you get a call on your way home from work saying, “ummm…. don’t freak out when you get home”  I have learned that these words coming out of Joey’s mouth are not really the best thing to hear…  the good news is that it is 11:45 and Joey (king of going to bed early) is still working away in the kitchen trying to install the new sink onto the cabinets – what a good guy! :)  We don’t have a countertop yet so right now we will have a sink on cabinets with a faucet mounted to a 2×4 – my idea.  We are really just trying to get things ready for our house guests tomorrow – SARAH and GREG!!!  We are super excited/trying to have a halfway normal house for them to stay in tomorrow.  we’ll see how it goes… until next time – I leave you with what I walked in and saw in the kitchen today – enjoy!

and this is how it ended up at the end of a long night…

ps. new Real Simple magazine came in the mail today! my night has been made :)

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