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one month of Mr. and Mrs. Fante :)

24 May 2010

So we have finally settled down for a little bit…  30 days of married bliss, 21 of which were spent traveling to or being out of town! We started with a surprise trip to Florida for Mrs. Fante’s birthday, then we went to Alabama for Erin’s graduation and a surprise birthday party for both of my parents 50th birthdays.  This past weekend we headed to Louisville for Tony and Anna’s wedding. 

We got our slideshow sent from the photographer recently – here is the link!

i love jason and his work – he is such an amazing wedding photographer! 

In house news, the cabinets are coming along. Joey managed to sand, restain and poly most of them before the wedding. He got the doors stained too! I would take a picture if I could get into the guest bedroom to actually take a picture.  It is a disaster zone in there with cabinets, old furniture and wedding presents… It kind of makes me start to hyperventilate a little bit… I did get a picture of our new over-the-stove microwave! It is nice to not have our microwave on the floor anymore…

Our newest addition to the house is a brand new dresser from IKEA! Yes, that was our wedding present to each other because we are cool like that. Here is Joey REALLY excited about our new dresser.  Next is the assembled dresser – it only took me 6 hours… complete with new handles. 

here are some snapshots from the past few weeks…

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