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3 June 2010

ok so I have been doing a lot of late night home inspiration searching and how amazing is this green door. I LOVE it! It is so happy without being obnoxious.

and this side door – it makes me happy. I would love to take a nap on those cushions. and how adorable is the little window?! I love how clean and crisp the door is too – it makes ours look floofy.

on to the next thing… I am trying to decide is countertop colors/material. We would really love some concrete countertops from this super awesome local guy who runs a shop called Meld. They are kinda more expensive than we were hoping though… Maybe we will be able to talk him down if we draw our own templates?! I like the idea of negotiating. I’ve gotten a lot of things recently just by asking (except a job….booo…..) If there’s one thing I’ve learned though, it’s that it never hurts to ask. The worst someone can tell you is no (like when I asked Samsung to send me a new microwave) but you’d be surprised how many times people actually say yes! So back to the point. White or light grey countertops. I can’t decide – although we did just get a new white sink, so my inclination is that the grey countertops will contrast that well. Tell me what you think… Melissa? Sarah? Greg? maybe Keely? I think yall are the only people who read this…

oh yeah but try to imagine it like a quarter of the size of these spaces…. 

side note: Joey brought home our newest Craigslist find earlier tonight! $40 bucks for both of them! I love you Craigslist and lady’s husband who made her get rid of these chairs because he didn’t like them. Imagine them sanded with a new coat of paint and possibly a new cushion (nice, huh?!) Here is the picture the girl sent me. New picture of them on our front porch to come soon. Joey and I enjoyed a cold beer and mug full of icecream (respectively) out there in them after dinner tonight. I love them already :)

now let’s see if I can actually fall asleep with the snoring dog and snoring husband…. 

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  1. Keely permalink
    7 June 2010 11:25 pm

    I am reading! And Patrick! Ok, so we think that if its concrete go for the grey. White looks really nice, but I have heard it’s hard to keep “clean”. You know what I mean, grey might be more forgiving. Anyway, I love both white and grey countertops, but if you need a vote I vote grey! Patrick votes either…he’s wishy washy. Great new chairs, gotta love Craigslist. :)

  2. Jennifer permalink
    7 June 2010 11:42 pm

    thanks for your input keely! i think i like the grey too…. oh and gracie wanted to say hi to Porks and Busy :) we have an awesome park across the street from us now for next time you are driving through (and bringing the pups)!

  3. 8 June 2010 7:53 am

    i read!!! and green door… you and mom… a little obsessed with the green. white counter tops? no! I would def go grey :)

    Well I am off to wonderful school!

  4. 8 June 2010 7:54 am

    bahaha why did it put my name as Ms. Hale?!?! funny….

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