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3 June 2010

We are officially busting out of the seams here in our 900sf house.  Could it be because we can’t put anything in the kitchen cabinets yet? is it because our guest bedroom is Joey’s workshop right now? is it because we have a 75lb lab that has more beds than I do? or is because we just got a truckload of super awesome wedding presents?
I vote all of the above.

I have been trying not to go insane in our house while I am unemployed.  Some days that is hard.  I think everyone goes through this when they are in this same position.  My former boss says she thinks people will be hiring again in the fall… so until then I guess I should enjoy my summer and graciously accept my $9/hr equivalent from unemployment…

We have been making progress on the kitchen. Memorial Day weekend was the first weekend we’ve spent in town since the wedding. I know we are crazy. The drawer boxes in the pantry cabinets are now installed and we stained/polyed/sanded lots of doors and shelves and drawer boxes. It is starting to come together. Although we are leaving again this weekend for a “Newlyweds Party” in Ocala. Should be fun. My parents are making the trip down as well (with more wedding presents!)

don’t worry, the faces still need to be attached to the face of these boxes….

In other news, the awesome microwave that my parents gave us seems to have a broken sensor.  Luckily, it’s still under warranty but they want to service it before letting me have a replacement.  The local appliance repair guy made an appointment to come to the house yesterday to fix it. I don’t understand why these types of companies don’t really have customer service as a top priority… maybe it’s because I am not paying them??? Well they made me sit at home for 4 hours yesterday and at 3 hours 15 minutes into the 4 hour window, Jose calls to tell me that they just looked over my situation and called Samsung and they are going to have to order some parts that will be in next week.  REALLY?!?! You couldn’t have done that BEFORE scheduling an appointment with me and BEFORE I talk to you and you tell me to unmount the microwave for you and BEFORE I wait around at the house all afternoon for you to show up?!?! Let’s just say I was more than a little annoyed.  The owner is going to get an ear-full when they call to schedule my next appointment. Until then, we have to use our microwave on the floor again. booooo. (ps. we know what we did with the outlet is semi-against code… we just couldn’t bear the thought of cutting holes in our nice new cabinets.)

that nice pea green wall behind the microwave is the old chimney! I guess they used to cook right where our stove is now? The next picture is to show you what our kitchen with no countertops looks like currently.  We have about 2’x3′ of working space.  I am looking for a solution for the new toaster oven since it will eventually take up too much of our precious counter space. For now, it will stay as it is also helping to keep the dishwasher from tumping forward when you open the door.

Joey is going to pick up our latest Craigslist find this afternoon on his way home from work. I’m excited :)


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