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making progress

17 June 2010

We are making progress on many projects right now…

I got both our new chairs sanded and one almost done priming.  Now I have to pick a paint color – we all know how good I am at that.  :)

Gracie stood guard on the porch, scary huh?!

The biggest progress recently on our cabinets is getting the drawer faces on all the drawers!! This means Jennifer can finally load ’em up with all the stuff that is piled in our dining room! Jennifer is happy. No worries about the weird slits at the tops of the drawers. Our custom Joey-designed handles have not been attached yet, so you won’t actually pinch your fingers in there as one of our friends suggested. The doors should be going on soon so get excited!

The other day, I was trying to do some gardening/landscaping investigation. I start with the sad looking azaleas that are right up next to our porch. My research tells me that these are great plants for our conditions. See, we have a freakishly huge oak tree on the corner of our lot that shades our entire house and front yard. Thus, we can’t really grow many bright beautiful flowers. But I learned that azaleas like this kind of situation and actually are really good around oak trees because of acidity levels in the soil. And the best news is that they are pretty low maintenance! Way to go previous owners! This is just what I need considering I tried to plants some herbs a couple months ago and only managed to grow mold. Let’s just say I am not a natural. So with a little pruning, maybe I can revitalize these sad plants.  I start with my pruning and on the last bush find one of those little plant markers at the root……gardenia……damn…..

Later while I was taking pictures of the landscaping and sunlight for more experienced people to look at, I hear a CRACK sound and I’m not kidding you, a 10 ft limb fell from the oak tree narrowly missing house and car. Apparently plants don’t like me.  Our yard actually looks better in these pictures than in real life. We are already looking forward to our next project which will be a back deck to hopefully make that back facade more appealing… one thing at a time though.

That is all for tonight peeps. More to come later. Until then Gracie will just eat her cheeseburger and wait patiently on you to come visit her….


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