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2 months of marriage, an engagement, and other recent going ons

27 June 2010

That title pretty much sums up how hodge podge this post is going to be… Way too many exciting things going on this past week!! Lots to talk about – each deserving its own post, but I know you can handle it. The easiest way to organize my thoughts is chronologically.
Friday – SARAH AND GREG are engaged!!!! wooo hooooo!!! Could not be more excited for the two of them, especially because Joey and I have secretly wanted them to get engaged ever since we did last April. I am trying to show how excited I am because I feel like I didn’t do as good of a job as I should have on Friday night – errr… Saturday morning. Let me paint you a picture, it’s about 2:30 EST [don’t ask me why I was awake – I don’t even know the answer sometimes. I think the Lord was making sure that I was still awake so that I could give a coherent response to the news – although I’m not sure I did that either…] Joey has been asleep for hours and my phone goes off and tells me I have a new text. I look over wondering who is texting me so late and I see it’s from Sarah. I open it up and see this.
yes. that’s right. My twin sister tells me that she is engaged over a TEXT MESSAGE… What is this world coming to?
Sunday – Father’s Day. Shout out to the world’s best Dad!
Tuesday – mysterious “perishable” package arrives on doorstep at 8am. It has dead fish in it. I am grossed out by it for a couple hours. Luckily, I get over it because our friend Daniel has just sent us two HUGE fillets of fresh, local Seattle salmon!! He says he didn’t catch them himself but I like to think that he did… We invite the in-laws over for an impromptu seafood grill out that night and really enjoy ourselves.
i couldn’t get to my camera fast enough to get a picture with any of Joey’s food…. boys…..
Sometime after Tuesday – handles installed on drawers! making progress! We are hoping that the doors will be ready to be installed at some point this weekend. Shaun is over here right now with his [brand new] tool belt over-seeing the construction site. First thing on the agenda, move satellite dish. It’s been an hour and a half. Here are our countertopless cabinets with their spiffy new J+Jdesigned handles
Lots of exciting things going on in the Fante residence.  More to come I’m sure :)

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  1. Bob permalink
    28 June 2010 1:42 pm

    My…what a beautiful ring!

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