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5th time’s a charm

10 July 2010

Yep. That’s how many microwaves it took to get a working one back and installed in our house. Don’t ask why. You don’t want to know. But me and the Best Buy peeps did manage to break a few ourselves… Joey and I enjoyed a celebratory bag of popcorn in honor of the joyous occasion.

We had a great time in Kentucky over the 4th – apparently I locked my camera away for the entire weekend because I have NO pictures from the actual lake. Maybe it was a little game we named Wastie [I mean Sober] Face that I was trying to win.

We had a fun ride over to Nashville on Friday afternoon. Hurricane Alex made for an interesting Thursday for Sarah. But good news for us was that she ended up flying out to Raleigh since Southwest couldn’t get her to Nashville that day. So Joey, Gracie and I had more company than usual on our driving adventure! This trip in particular was googling at about 8.5 hrs but we know how holiday travel goes… We hit some massive dead stop traffic where that rock slide cleanup is still going on so we decided to turn off the interstate and trek through the Smoky Mountains on backroads. One word, AMAZING. I only managed to get one decent picture because the time nazis I was with wouldn’t agree to pull off to get a good picture… sheeesh people!

This beauty was followed by the worst town I’ve ever laid eyes on. And yes, I’ve been to Panama City Beach. If you are interested, look it up. Pigeon Forge – it’s PCB minus the beach plus Tennessee rednecks. gross. Sarah and Gracie had the right idea.

Where are we you ask?! Oh yeah. It’s Taco Bell. Joey refused to eat it so Sarah and I shared among ourselves. And I use the word share loosely because I pounded my 3 taco meal solo. We did share some cinnamon twists that were conveniently dumped in my purse right before we ate them. Now my keys and ipod smell like cinnamon and sugar. No complaints here.

We survived that meal and were able to finally make it to Nashville. Total trip time 10.5 hrs. Thanks for nothing google.

Broskie drove us to the lake in the morning. Gracie slept. Sarah and I took fun twin pictures. What else is new?

Next time I will try to contain my excitement to a normal level…

We had a really great weekend with my whole family and can’t wait til next time!

In home renovation news, Joey started a new project [more on that to come] as I FINALLY loaded up the cabinets with all our twidley bits [that’s for you Andy if you are reading] I was so relieved to start attacking the stack. Joey commented that it looked like Christmas is our living room as I ripped open all the boxes of our new fun wedding present kitchen gadgets. You might think our wedding registry was sponsored by Cusinart. Griddler, juicer, immersion blender, rice cooker… we got it all. I can’t wait to try it all out! For now, it is all neatly put away in our kick ass lower pantry drawers. Picture coming soon. I also tackled the box of food that has served as our pantry pretty much since we moved in. At the bottom I found hamburger buns. From the looks of the mold on them, I’m guessing they’ve been there a few thousand years. Good grief, I’m turning into my mother…..

Once our house was rid of the old food, I was able to organize the shelves and pantry items. Sarah is jealous and I am sad she wasn’t here to help. Here’s a good before and after shot. I don’t know if yall realize just how exciting this is for us. I bet if you cooked out of a box for the past 6 months, you would agree that not having to constantly look at your food, but also being to see it all easily when necessary is really a great feeling :) I may burn that food box in celebration.

aahhhh happiness :)

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