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16 down, 4 to go

13 July 2010

I’m talking about our cabinet doors. Only 4 more to go!! Luckily it’s the random ones that are still left [above microwave and below sink] So this weekend and week I have made great strides in filling our new found space! As we finish up on the last few doors, we have started to turn our attention to countertops. Realistically, we should have probably ordered these a while ago, but with me still job hunting and nervous about committing to a certain color, here we sit. We have about 8 little squares sitting on top of our cabinets. Some are concrete, some are quartz. turns out the price difference isn’t as much as we had hoped. I guess countertops are just plain expensive.

Here are some pictures of our samples. Our kitchen floor tends to cast a pinkish shade onto everything around it so I apologize. Joey hates it and wants to rip it up. He gets that way about things in our house. If it wasn’t for me, he would have ripped up a lot more in our house already. more on that later…

I have no idea which one we are even leaning towards right now. The plain ones seem a little boring. But are the ones with aggregate too much? What kind of backsplash do we want to do and how will that affect our countertop decision? what about paint color? It’s hard to design for yourself sometimes…

As for the other things that Joey would like to destroy, he came home yesterday all excited to tell me something. He prefaces it with “I know this is crazy, but….”  At least he warns me right?! So his company is working on renovating a house about 5 minutes away from ours for the mother of an architect around here. They are doing an addition off the back of the house and have not been able to find a match for the existing wood siding. So their solution? Rip off all of the old wood siding and re-side the entire house so that it all matches. This awesome wood siding was then offered for free to my husband, who about pees his pants and immediately comes home and starts ripping off  our siding to see once and for all what is beneath it. We had our suspicions….  This is what we found.

Keep in mind that Joey’s parents will be here in 3 days to help us paint. The paint has been purchased. Not tinted, but purchased….

The thought of ripping down all our siding makes me lose sleep at night. I mean I’m sure the results would be beautiful, but the process would be intense. Maybe we just aren’t being brave enough like some of our friends are. My rational side says it’s not worth the time and effort – a.k.a. anyone we try to sell to will not really care as much as we do about the siding. They will probably care about stainless steel appliances and a renovated bathroom and a back porch… But reclaimed wood siding vs crappy siding – I’m not convinced… Now if this siding was vinyl it would be off tomorrow. Don’t get me wrong though, the thought of having nice wood siding does excite me – but the process does not. I guess we will have to decide what to do by Friday….

Progress is being made on stripping the paint off the existing wood trim. It is really amazing how well this tool works. And yes, it has caught our house on fire on one occasion [that I know of] Must be why they don’t make these anymore.

We went to the HD this weekend and picked up samples of 4 or 5 different greys, a white trim color, and a couple of door/chair options. Which one do you like?

We are leaning towards the middle one. Thoughts?

On a more random note, in all the unpacking of wedding presents recently I have 2 favorites from this weekend. [of course we love ALL our presents – these have just been hiding in boxes until now]

Ok I’m off to think about dinner, paint, siding, countertops, and making things presentable around here for the in-laws.

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