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shake it

18 July 2010

oh dear…..

so remember what we found the other day?

SHAKES! Well we weren’t sure of the condition/what wood they were so in our discussions with Joey and his parents about whether or not to accept the free wood lap siding, we [Joey] did this….

CEDAR shakes! complete with tar paper, 16″ boards, and a double overlap! This was an exciting part of our day :) Looks like it is still in really great condition so we took down a whole section of old shingles and I slapped up a bit of our sample paint so that we could visualize the end product.

Looks pretty good if I do say so myself! So after getting Sarah’s approval via video chat [I love my mac!] We made some adjustments to our plan.

This part is for our architect friends… So if you look at the picture above where you see down the side of the house, you can see trim that runs the length of the house at the height of the window header and another one at the sill. In between these two strips of trim is where the shingles exist. Above and below that, we have the wood sheathing [1×10’s I think] then a tar paper like product that has been painted the same yellow tone as the shakes. This was a good find, because at first glance through a tiny hole, Joey thought it was stucco. This will come off MUCH easier.

So the executive decision was made to keep and paint the cedar shakes and go collect enough wood lap board from the other house to cover the sections above and below the windows where that tar paper lives now. Joey and his accountant father ran some numbers and came up with a total number of square feet needed to cover  these areas. So we head to the HD to pick up some supplies. Side note: You people should see Joey in Home Depot when we have a project to work on. He’s like a kid in a huge candy store [too bad this is the kind of candy that’s really expensive] He grabbed a cart in the parking lot and immediately led [read. RAN] to the tool section and started tossing nail pullers and hammers and tape measures into the cart. Then he tries to convince me of our need for a router table again. Not today dear. Maybe he should ask Santa for it this Christmas. Although Christmas may come in July for him this year. He never fails to mention how a specific project would be better if we had a router table. I keep suggesting he strap his router up under his table saw and turn that into his router table… He is not too keen on the idea.

After a quick bite from Chick-fil-a, my carhartt overalls are pulled out for the first time in our new house and we all [Joey’s parents included] head over to the other house and go to town on the siding. It really felt like we were stealing siding from some unsuspecting home owners. THE FANTES – we steal siding off your house in broad daylight!  ha! We had a great system going where the boys were prying off boards, I was knocking out square nails from 1917, and Mrs Fante was making a lovely pile on the porch!

PS. How AMAZING are Joey’s parents?!? Who has in-laws that offer to take a week “vacation” to come and paint the exterior of your house and THEN encourage you to rip off the siding and even grab their own hammer and work gloves and start making things happen?! I do. and it’s awesome! We had a great day :)

We finished loading up the cars just about the same time the bottom fell out of the sky. With our new loot in tow we treked the 1.2 miles back to our house and the boys unloaded it all to our front porch in the rain. Look at em go!

Joey’s mom and I hung out with this guy and supervised.

Meet Brodie. Mrs. Fante’s new pomeranian pup. Weighing in at a whopping 2.5 lbs, I’m pretty sure Gracie has squeaky toys bigger than him. Luckily she is used to being around small dogs lately and took on a mentor roll with Brodie, showing him how to climb up stairs and play tug-o-war. She may have accidentally sat on him earlier while trying to get some attention from Joey and the little guy actually SOUNDS a lot like her squeaky toys too! We’ll see what other tricks Grace can teach him during his week-long vacation here. She is a professional “I’ll sit here and look all cute so you will feed me” begger now – no thanks to one brother-in-law named Shaun who “drops” about half his food on the ground to her any chance he gets. Let’s just say Gracie knows who to sit by and look longingly to at dinner. Just wait til WE are the aunt and uncle who spoil YOUR pets and kids :)

That’s about all for today. Tomorrow the boys play golf [at 7am-ouch] and then we head back out for some more siding adventures!

I just realized this post has pictures of everyone but Gracie, so I leave you with me and Grace hanging out while I use the Furminator on her. I think I brushed her for about 30 min getting about half a grocery bag full of hair. Looks like I may not have to sleep next to my vacuum tonight. finally :)

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  1. Keely permalink
    18 July 2010 5:59 pm

    Omg. Love the gray! Love the siding! Love Brodie! You guys are doing an amazing job.

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