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scrape. sand. prime. paint. rinse. repeat.

2 August 2010

scrape. sand. prime. paint. rinse. repeat.  That’s what’s been going on here this weekend.

We had Shaun here Saturday morning to help us out. It’s amazing how quick things go when you have another set of able hands working hard! He managed to get almost the whole side of the house primed and even scraped and primed some window trim while he was at it. He wanted me to take a really good action shot so I took several versions of this. Here is the best one :) I think he was trying to show off his calves… watch it. he’s taken.

Speaking of guys that are taken…. Joey got hit on today at Ace about 45 seconds after I walked outside to keep Gracie company in the car. Apparently these girls were not at all intimidated by my carhartt shorts, t-shirt, hair-in-a-french-braid-cause-I-haven’t-showered-today look. Stupid sorority girls.

I have discovered a new pet peeve too. We were at the HD today trying to get an acceptable front door color and this guy walks by with a shopping cart with about 3 items in it and he is COVERED in drywall dust and joint compound. He even had dust wiped (a little too perfectly) across his face. I really think that while working on what was most likely patching nail holes in his drywall, he took every opportunity to create excess mud so he could wipe it on every square inch of his shirt. And as if that wasn’t enough, gather up some dust and throw it on his face on the way out the door for another jar of spackle. I mean seriously… I think he thought he would have more street cred walking through a Home Depot like that. Instead, he just looked ridiculous. Maybe it’s a guy thing. I will have to ask Joey his opinion.

Moving right along, I will show you two things that were scraped, sanded, primed, and painted this weekend. It may not look like a lot of progress was made, but that’s what happens when you aren’t painting the big stuff or raking leaves. I focused my attention on the window on the porch and the front door.

Do you like Joey’s happy face?! He’s really good at it, right?

I think he is just happy to finally be scraping that paint off our front door. He has hated it since the day we bought our house. My old boss actually feels the same way about it. When I told him which house we were buying, his first response was “when are you going to paint that door? It’s awful.”  Well Dan, this one’s for you. I hope you like what we are going to do.

Do you see that funny painted torch thing? We think that one day, when someone is stripping the paint that we put on this door, they will find that and think it’s cool. We do not. Which is why we are painting over it. If it wouldn’t be a pain, we would probably have just knocked the whole thing off but that would’ve created extra work for us. And seeing as we have a long road ahead of us with this “let’s take off all the old siding” thing, I figure it was probably a good idea to skip fretting over the door.

Gracie likes to hang out with us and people/dog watch while we work. Sometimes, this requires her to move around a lot if she happens to lay down in the middle of the action. I think she got fed up with moving around so much because yesterday I found her perched on the front porch steps where she stayed for the better part of the afternoon.

Of course, this is better than her sticking her head through a partially opened window that I am trying to paint… Speaking of that window, isn’t it amazing what a little scraping, sanding, priming, and painting will do to a window?! They are so crisp and white now. Two words that could definitely not be used to describe it’s previous state. Everything in our house has caked on paint with no crisp edges and it’s all painted a muddy white…. gross…. Here is our not gross window complete with new caulk beads!

Isn’t she a beauty?

side note…

You know you are a crazy home renovator when:

1. you say “I think we should put the front door back up before it gets dark outside.”

2. you lose your cool over flat versus satin finish paint.

3. you are speechless when the Home Depot worker tries to tell you that the satin finish “gives it that nice vinyl siding look” and expects you to think that’s a GOOD thing.

4. your neighbors walk by and say things like “I can’t believe yall are doing all this work yourselves!” Me too lady…

5. your first shower of the day is at 9 pm

6. you eat dinner after that

7. you stay up past midnight to update your blog so your friends can see your progress (and so they won’t harass you)  :)

to be continued…

hope you had a good weekend as well

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