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we need your help….

8 August 2010

Yes you. Even the ones who never say anything on here… I know you are out there.

We need help. We are indecisive. This front door is being a pain. We have tried about 34280 different colors of yellowy green. Grape green, apple green, pear green…. We are running out of fruits. The main issue is that for whatever reason, this color likes to change drastically in different lights. ie, the store and our house.

Here is the color that we liked enough to paint the whole door. Please tell us what you think.

Here is a picture of some of our original options.

You have to vote. There is no option :)

Now for our opinions… (you have to vote before you read this though)

Joey likes it. He has stated that at his opinion and hasn’t expanded on it much more. I don’t really like it. We were having a problem with the other colors looking too yellow, but I REALLY don’t like how limey green this one looks in certain lights. At times, it is the nice yellowy green I was going for, but then other times it looks too green. The picture on top is leaning more towards the green and the one on the bottom leans toward the nice yellowy green I am referring to.

Part of me just feels like its too bright and obnoxious. Maybe we should lighten it with our white paint? I dont know… I am leaning more towards the turquoise after seeing this up on the door. Joey doesn’t like the turquoise as much and especially doesn’t like the fact that there is a house up the street with a similar dark siding and they have a turqouisey blue door. So maybe we move in a different direction and do a nice pale yellow? maybe blue? I don’t know. Maybe I’m being neurotic and this color is awesome?

I hope you can help us out.

thank you in advance. we love you :)

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  1. Keely permalink
    9 August 2010 3:42 pm

    ok, so in addition to answering the poll…i will elaborate on being the single vote for turquoise. i think maybe the turquoise would look better because it wouldn’t be such an “obnoxious” contrast. your words, not mine. :) p votes for either turquoise or pale yellow. or mustard! mustard yellow could be nice!

    ooops, i’m not really helping anymore am i? ok, i think turquoise door maybe with yellow chairs. (pretty sure i voted the opposite way in your last door post. sorry!)

    i know how you feel about not looking like the neighbors house. the house across the street from us recently painted dark grey…which is what i wanted to do. cause it looks awesome, obviously, i mean, look at your place. anyway, i might do it anyway. i sure am chatty today..sorry. good luck!

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