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front door. take 235.

10 August 2010

Thank you for all your insight and voting about our door situation. I picked up another yellowy green color today and then decided to slap up some of the turquoise on the door too.

Then Gracie and I sat and pondered. and we had long meaningful conversations about the implications of this decision.

I just wasn’t really feeling the green. It was way too loud. We already live on a busy street. I don’t think we need to call more attention to our house… So I painted the door turquoise. When we are done with this, we may have just as many layers of paint that we scraped off before.

You see that shadow? It’s my husband sitting in an adirondack chair, drinking a beer, watching me paint. I told him if that’s what he was going to do, he might as well take a picture of my progress…. just to prove I actually do contribute to the renovation of this house. :)  I will give credit where credit is due though. Joey works so hard on our house and it’s looking great. This past weekend, while I was arranging all our pots on the living room floor, joey was busy painting the rest of the South side of our house.

We are still just focusing on the band of cedar shakes. Once that is finished, we will move on to replacing the rest of the old siding above and below the windows.

oh and the pots, they are going on hooks on the wall in the pantry area. I was trying different layouts so that the doors and drawers were still functional. Hey, at least it’s not fish plates….

Here is the turquoise. I think it’s much more manageable to digest than the yellow green. See that sad little vine on the left? It used to be luscious and beautiful and yes, slightly taking over that corner. Until Joey got a hold of it. I actually cried when I walked outside and saw what he did to my favorite plant in our yard. Like seriously. walked to the bedroom, laid on the bed, and burst into tears. He promises it will grow back. I watered it today to hurry along the regrowth process.

All this hard work makes me want a pedicure…

you got the right idea Grace :)

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