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dogs can paint too…

17 August 2010

We have been doing lots of dog things recently.

Gracie went to the vet. Without going into too much detail, we came out $150 poorer with 2 weeks worth of medicine that Joey will have to force feed Gracie for the next little while. She’s a stinker when it comes to pills. Although, I don’t blame her. I nearly vomited from the smell of the pills. Then Joey told me to grow up. The other day, we had Leigh and DJ over for dinner. Joey had given Grace her pills about 30 minutes before they got here. We were all standing in the kitchen chatting and Gracie, in all her excitement, accidentally let the pill slip out from under her tongue where she had been hiding it for the past 30 minutes. Punk.

side note: every single person who talked to Gracie at the vet pointed out to me that there was paint on her tail. Come on people! Sometimes she’s just trying to help us out!

We added another dog [and more pills] to the mix on Saturday. Meet Cookie Monster. His name suits him. He’s a 105 lb ball of energy.

If you aren’t convinced of his size, check out what he looks like when Gracie walks up.

impressive, huh?

The pups hung outside with us while we made some progress on the house. Joey worked on the windows while I put the finishing touches on the front door and painted an adirondack chair.

Joey prefers the “action shots” and refuses to acknowledge my existence when I’m holding my camera. Then I cat call him and he finally humors me.

Doesn’t he have an adorable smile?! It only took me 4 years to teach him to show his ACTUAL smile in a photo. It used to be something that resembled a smile, but wasn’t quite there. Now he’s a pro – especially if I make him laugh.

I taught Gracie how to smile too.

I love that tongue.

and these eyes.

ok yours too Cookie.

Here are the rest of the things we accomplished this weekend.

thats Joey sanding cabinets before putting the final coats of poly on the final couple of doors. The cabinets WILL be done soon.

I almost got run over on that last picture. you are welcome.

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