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27 August 2010

Sorry for the lack of blog posts recently.  I am sure all 3 of you were waiting on pins and needles for an update!

Not much has been going on around the Fante residence. We headed back to the Ham last weekend to attend a wedding and to see Chels and David and baby Charlotte who live too far away. Chelsea is about 6 months pregnant now!  I can’t believe it! Baby fever has been surrounding all of us lately, but this is the first time one of my best friends is pregnant! It’s so fun to watch her go through this and trail blaze for the rest of us. It still feels like yesterday when she told us she was pregnant on the way home from my bridesmaids luncheon. I about drove our family Excursion into a ditch as I screeched to a halt on one of our neighborhood roads. Just ask Melissa, I think she about had a heart attack. [sorry mel] Needless to say, it’s a moment that will stick in my mind forever.  Charlotte Ann has a cute Auburn onesie waiting on her arrival from her favorite Aunt Jen! Never mind the fact that I accidentally got the toddler size and she won’t be able to wear it til she’s 3…

Speaking of Aunt Jen…. Sar*cough, cough* – I mean, LAURA [Joey’s sister] is pregnant!!! Joey and I are BEYOND excited to officially become Aunt Jen [or Aunt Jennifer – still deciding] and Uncle Joey. We have until March to read up on how to be a good Aunt and Uncle… do they sell books like that? or have classes? hmm…  we’ll be sure to spoil the mess out of our niece/nephew kinda the same way Shaun spoils Gracie now – “dropping” pizza and hamburgers while she stares at him. Did I just compare my future niece/nephew to a dog?! maybe they will address this in the book…

Oh, you want to know how they told his family?! I’m glad you asked! They were attending Shaun’s sister’s baby’s first birthday party [did you follow that?] and whipped out this “one last present” at the end of the night. I may or may not have come up with the idea…

I know you are probably tired of me yapping on without any pictures so I will move along. There won’t be any house photos though. We just haven’t done anything significant enough to document. This will change soon as Joey’s parents are currently in route to our house. Yes, they left at 4pm and got stuck in a storm and are now set to arrive around 1am. We will have 2 full days of working so hopefully there will be a lot to show after the weekend.  Laura and I have been planning out all the fun things we’ll do – movie, concert,  yummy food, and lots of house work. Sounds like a stellar weekend ahead!

Oh yeah, the pictures. They are of my dear sweet twin sister and her goofy fiance – actually they are both goofy. This is why we had to do a photoshoot while we were all home. I am working on their Save the Date and I have NO normal pictures of them. They both are always making weird faces and such. Here are the options I had before this past weekend… enjoy

see? they just look crazy in all of them!

Although, I can’t say that Joey and I don’t take weird pictures every now and then… Maybe Sarah and Greg are rubbing off on us or something.

WOW. really Sarah?!?

good thing my mom has an awesome camera and I know Photoshop or you would have been quite frightened walking back from your mailbox.

much better :)  I will show you the finished postcard once they go out in the mail. I don’t want to ruin any surprises or anything!

and because no post is complete without a Gracie picture, here she is on our last roadtrip, holding my hand while I scratch her neck.

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  1. Keely permalink
    27 August 2010 10:49 am

    ummmmm,, is there a reason that a picture of two cows is in the middle of you talking about your sister and her fiance? :)

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