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my birthday wish list

8 September 2010

On Labor Day, Sarah and I celebrated 25 years of life.  We are officially in our ‘mid-twenties.’  In honor of everything birthday, I decided to compile a current ‘wish list’ of all the things that have been on my mind lately.  This is more of a dream wish list seeing as there is no way I will own any of these things anytime soon.  But I enjoy dreaming about fun things like this :)  It’s way easier than coming up with realistic birthday presents!

So here it is, my UNREALISTIC birthday list:

1. shower curtain: isn’t this such a pretty shower curtain?!  I heart it.  It makes me happy.  Its price tag does not.  It is so light and airy – a good thing for a bathroom the size of a shoebox.

2. clawfoot tub faucet: Isn’t this a pretty faucet?!  I heart it.  It makes me happy. [are you seeing a pattern here?]  Ever since we bought our house in all its clawfoot tub glory, I have wanted to take nice, relaxing baths in it.  But two things need to happen before that: the tub needs to be refinished, and we need a faucet with a hand shower.  Without it, I would be forced to stand up and take a shower after my bath [and who wants to do that when you are trying to relax?!] or  use a cup like a 2 year old.  Too much information? sorry. Back to the faucet. I love its lines.

3. bed frame: I have considered making my own headboard, but the footboard is what I want.  A certain white lab likes to snuggle up on a sagging comforter and rub up against a fabric bedskirt.  This could be a craigslist find… if someone would actually put something decent on craigslist…

4. crepe myrtles: for our sad backyard. We’ve got some weird things going on around here landscape-wise.  Crepe myrtles would begin to remedy that.  Plus, I like flowery plants :)

5. digital slr camera:  I don’t think I need to explain this one. It’s amazingness is evident.

6. sewing machine:  There’s a disease that architects have. Especially the ones with construction experience. It’s called the “I can make that for so much cheaper!” disease.  Joey and I both suffer from it. Hence the handmade cabinets.  Lately it has been regarding all things fabric related. curtains. pillows. upholstered headboards. etc.  Step one would be to have a sewing machine. Step two would be figure out how the heck to actually make something with it.  I mean how hard can it be?! :)

7. nesting coffee tables: we have a tv tray table acting as a side table… need I say more?

So there you have it.  My dream birthday wish list.

It’s so much easier to come up with these things rather than the realistic things… Maybe it’s because I don’t feel selfish afterwards for telling people what to buy me.  Now you can understand how unnatural it was to make a wedding registry…

updates on our adventures in Austin, TX coming soon.

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  1. Melissa permalink
    8 September 2010 9:33 am

    Happy Biiiiiiirthday!! Love the list. It’s nice to dream…

    I saw this doormat ( and thought it would look great on your front porch! A little more attainable than your wish list items.

    Can’t wait to hear about Austin!

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