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Texas to Tennessee

2 October 2010

We made it to Austin. Hopefully this means my irrational fear of flying will start to fade… We left Raleigh with Hurricane Earl right on our tails, which made for an awesome view of the outer bands of the storm as we made our way to 30,00 feet. I would’ve taken a picture, but I was busy focussing on staying calm and not angering the flight attendants by taking out my personal electronics before given permission.

We landed in Austin about the same time as Tropical Storm Hermine made its way through Texas.  This storm didn’t look as pretty as Hurricane Earl. It just dumped rain on us the entire time we were moving and flooded several streets when we were finally making our way out of town.

Speaking of moving, that was supposed to be the side-note to our trip. Fun birthday weekend followed by loading a ReloCube before it got shipped to Tennessee. I think at one point I even heard the phrase, “oh, I’ll be all done packing BEFORE yall even get here!” come out of Sarah’s mouth…. We should have known better….. When Joey and I walked into my dear darling twin sister’s apartment, not even a single item had been touched. Sarah quickly defended herself saying, “but I assembled two of the boxes!! see?!”

Jennifer: “ok, so where are the rest of your boxes?”

Sarah: “ummm… right there….”

Jennifer: “how many boxes is that?”

Sarah: “6”

Jennifer: “ONLY 6 BOXES?!

Sarah: “yes. it will be fine. its not like I have THAT much stuff.”

…..our final box count was 15……but we won’t hold that against her though…….

Tuesday morning, her ReloCube showed up. I’m not really sure what I was expecting from Sarah’s “It says it can fit a 1 bedroom apartment” description, but it surely wasn’t this.

All I could think was, “thank heavens she doesn’t own a couch!” and “there’s no way you could fit a fully furnished 1 bedroom apartment in here.”  Upon further investigation, it seems what it claims to hold is “one room of furnishings.”  I won’t say we did the best job packing this thing, but it was raining and we had to get Joey to the airport. I am happy to report that everything fit in the cube or Sarah’s car with only one small trip to Goodwill. I’m gonna warn you, it isn’t pretty…

awww but YOU are pretty, Sarah!

We made the 3 hour ride up to Dallas and spent the afternoon with Greg’s parents working on a sewing project, oooo and aaahhh-ing over all the beautiful handmade quilts of the Tomlinson family, and hanging out with this guy, Hughy. He’s my new best friend in Dallas.

Sorry for the poor picture quality…

The next day, we spent 10 hours in the car driving through places like Waxahachie, Texas.  The drive was nice, easy, and luckily rain-free.

Once in Nashville, we began our week-long adventure to paint Sarah’s new apartment. It has 7′ ceilings and the landlord told us that in order to “open up the room” they painted the ceilings the same color as the walls – golden yellow.

oh you want a scale figure for what 7′ ceilings and 6′ doors looks like?  I’m glad you asked…

One good thing about 7′ ceilings is that they are easy to paint.

After 1 week and 9 buckets of paint, we had a freshly painted kitchen, dining room, den, and bedroom – the bathroom and foyer will be finished by S+G.

ahhhh the wonder of paint!

oh – and the ReloCube showed up part-way through the week. This is what it looked like when we opened the doors…

The bottom left corner is my favorite…

Here are some other random snapshots from our trip. Enjoy!!

war eagle.

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