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closet mayhem

6 October 2010

There are a lot of really great things about being a home owner.  I mostly talk about the good here on the blog.  But every now and then comes the not so good.  It came on Monday.  I walked into the house after work and first found dog vomit on the floor by the front door. gross. This happens when Gracie eats sticks and grass from our yard.  She has yet to put two and two together… I hate vomit so I sighed heavily and walked to the bedroom to put down my purse – somewhat hoping for Joey to get home and clean it up before I was forced to.  As I walked into the bedroom, this is what I saw.

And no, this is not normal.  The vertical piece on the right had ripped out of the wall and broken the top shelf in half leaving all of our (somewhat) nicely organized closet belongings scattered across the floor. Stupid particle board with plastic “brackets.”

I seriously wanted to turn around and crawl in a hole.  Or call my landlord and tell HIM to come deal with the problem.

Joey and I had talked about redoing the closet system to make it sturdier, better organized, and prettier.  That project just got moved up to this weekend.  Wish us luck!

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