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22 October 2010

Our neighbors probably love us.  Our porch is pretty much consistently the staging grounds for our current projects.  This morning, this is what I left the house to.  Good thing we don’t live on one of the busiest streets in Raleigh. oh wait……

Did you see our new addition?!  I know Mailman Joe will thank us for not making him bend to the ground to put our mail in the mailbox anymore.  And maybe our visitors will thank us for not making them guess which one our house is by our “it’s the grey one on the corner” description.

In case you aren’t following me… here’s the closeup.

Finally starting to look like a real front porch again.  Now if only we could finish with our siding/painting project before the inevitable winter snow comes.  Something about painting in the winter doesn’t sound appealing to me.

Obviously the responsible thing to do to keep us from still painting in the winter, is to work really hard on the weekends.  Well, this weekend we are doing the opposite and heading back to our old stomping grounds to see our tigers hopefully pull out a big W against those other tigers from Baton Rouge.  This means that house progress will be put on hold this weekend and will hopefully pick up again Monday.  I am kinda getting tired of having the entire contents of our closet sprawled across the guest bedroom.  It’s just getting messier and messier every time I have to dig something out – so those top few items have been getting a lot of wear…. Maybe Joey wants to see me in something more than just 3 shirts on rotation?! eehhhh I’m probably over estimating his interest level in my clothing.

warning: abrupt subject change.

Every now and then I peek on Craigslist to see what’s going on in the furniture section – you know since we have a homemade coffee table, homemade tv stand, tv tray table acting as a side table, and a $7 side table-turned-nightstand that I’m pretty sure doesn’t have a speck of wood in it (ok maybe a SPECK).  Recently, I found this super awesome nightstand that 3 days later found it’s way into Casa Fante.  I love it for many reasons including:

1. it is solid wood.

2. it was $30!

3. it has dovetail joints

4. there is no paper veneer with printed wood grain anywhere on it

5. it was $30!!

6. it has drawers (yay storage!)

7. it has nifty little handles

8. it is actually tall enough that I can see the alarm clock while deciding whether or not I will hit snooze one more time or roll off the side of the bed and make my way to the shower.

9. it’s pretty

cool, huh?!  Thank you Craigslist for giving people an outlet to sell their grandmother’s awesome old furniture.  Thank you Craigslist Steve for selling this piece for cheap and for meeting us at the Target instead of your house (creeeeepy!)

In kitchen news (I know, it’s been forever…) we have an appointment tomorrow to order our new countertops!  We decided on quartz in a white-ish color. Silestone – White North. (or Blanco Norte if you happen to take the Spanish sample)  I am sooo ready for countertops and a more complete-looking kitchen, but you know unemployment kinda elongates home renovation progress – especially the things that cost money… luckily that may be about to change. :)

So as a reward for making it through this entire post, I have saved the best news for last.  I recently received a call from one of my former bosses at CHA offering me my job back!  To say I was excited is a terrible understatement.  I was literally shaking out of joy.  It will be so great to start back at a job where I already know the people, the style of projects, I have already gotten past the “proving yourself” portion of the start of a new job, and the list goes on… I am just so thankful that the Lord has a bigger plan for our lives than we could ever imagine.

Well, as I finish this post, it has officially turned midnight, so goodnight and happy friday yall!

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  1. 25 October 2010 10:26 am

    1) Your closets (while on the front porch) look great! I see you have deviated from my original design a bit. I will forgive you…

    2) I love your house numbers and mailbox! Does your doorbell play the Auburn fight song yet?

    3) Amazing craigslist find! Someone would charge at least $100 for that in NYC!

    4) I can’t wait to see your countertops installed!


    and just for good measure 6) War Eagle!

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