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2 weeks til Christmas

11 December 2010

Ummm…. what happened to Fall? How can it only be 2 weeks til Christmas? I mean really?! We haven’t even gotten a tree yet! Do you think they are even still selling trees? Will the only ones left look like this number that is on display at my sister Sarah’s apt? oh dear……

One of the other things we haven’t managed to do yet is send our first annual Fante Christmas card. If I had my act together, I would’ve designed something cool but what do you really expect from me? Life and work get in the way of things like that. That’s why I was super pumped when my friend Melissa sent me an email telling me about a promotion that Shutterfly was doing for bloggers such as myself. Bear with me while I tell you about Shutterfly and earn 50 free holiday cards! [remember, I was unemployed for 9 months this year, so I have no problems accepting free stuff]

Honestly, with or without this promotion, I would have been looking closely at Shutterfly for our Christmas card this year.  It’s hard to find clean and simple designs on sites like this, but they have such a great collection that even two picky architects could get on board with. Of course, since we got married this year, you can expect to see some sort of wedding picture on there. I figure we only have one opportunity to have our wedding picture on our Christmas card so we better take advantage! :)

I guess though ours will probably not be a “Christmas card” but will have to be a “Holiday card” so that our tardiness won’t be soooo obvious. Holiday cards can come after Christmas right?! good.

So since I don’t want to ruin the surprise before you find it in your mailbox, I will show you some of the runner-up cards we were considering.

I thought this one was pretty, but Joey wouldn’t get on board with the TINY bit of sparkle […boys…]

I have to say the baby face is a major factor to making this card so cute – not sure if Joey and I would be so adorable  :)

I really liked this one too! It was a tough decision between this one and the one we went with.

Thanks Shutterfly for putting on this promotion for we bloggers! If I knew your address, Mr. Leung, I’d include you in my thank you card list this year!

Hope yall are looking forward to seeing our faces in your mailbox!


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  1. 12 December 2010 12:16 pm

    Bahahaha! You’re welcome! Enjoy the free cards :) I expect to see one in my mailbox soon…or maybe not that soon. Whenever!

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