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post-christmas update

5 January 2011

This post started as a “pre-Christmas update” but will now be a “post-Christmas update” – surprised? you shouldn’t be…

I have a new project to share with you. Are you catching on to a theme here? Apparently we get too excited about starting new projects rather than finishing old ones. Right now our current project list includes our kitchen renovation, ongoing siding project, front porch ceiling paint scraping, guest bedroom wall floating, and now WINDOWS! Yep that’s 5 projects. To take advantage of the Obama “make your home energy efficient” tax credit, we decided to go ahead and order replacement windows before it expired at the end of the year. Which meant the other day, we came home to this.

Luckily, Joey’s job has been giving him lots of experience working on homes like ours – which takes a bit of the unknown out of what we do on our house. The windows we ordered are replacement sashes which are just the part of the window that moves. These are great for old homes because it keeps all your original trim around the windows intact. According to Joey, they are super easy to install.

They came primed on the exterior so they will need a coat of our exterior white paint we picked for the trim. Thankfully, I was able to convince Joey that 5 days before his family comes to town for Christmas was not a good time to spread 12 windows throughout our house and paint them… They have been moved inside, but will wait until after the holidays to come out of their boxes.

Our new [and corrected] kitchen counters were installed on Wednesday Dec. 22nd, just in time for 9 members of the Fante family to arrive on Thursday for their first Christmas in Raleigh, North Carolina. We decorated our house simply with the few decorations we’ve managed to collect over the past year. Here’s what it looked like for our guests.

Our stockings were hung by the chimney [err… china cabinet] with care.

Christmas card display made from ribbon, hot glue, and my favorite paperclips.

This is our Christmas Eve dinner setup. Our first ever hosting experience! Are you as surprised as I am that we managed to squeeze 11 people around our tables? 1 kitchen table + 2 pullout leaves + 1 patio table + 5 borrowed black dining room chairs [thanks andy!] + all our plates and silverware + diy christmas tree inspired centerpiece = 1 successful Christmas Eve dinner experience.

Joey and I managed to make it through the setup and meal preparation with only one major disaster. Yes, I managed to dump 10 egg whites all across the new countertops about one minute after I finished separating them… oh and of course it was also at the exact moment our 9 dinner guests walked across the threshold into our kitchen to say hi/bring in food. oh and did I mention Joey was about 0.152 seconds away from moving the egg whites for me as he witnessed the whole “nudge that measuring cup to the side with the giant serving bowl of fruit for Christmas morning so I have room to pull out my mixer and beat the egg whites for the souffle” failure… oops! Let’s just say the undermount sink decision was a good one. One swipe into the sink and it was time to start again from the beginning.

Christmas morning was great with more wrapped presents than I think I have ever seen in one room…

Good times with family were had all day. And for those of you who want to see Laura’s baby bump containing our niece or nephew, here ya go! Already quite the cutie if you ask me :)

We left Christmas dinner full and happy and went to bed mocking the local weathermen for predicting snow when not a flake was in sight. The next morning, we woke up and saw this outside.

That would be 8 inches of snow in Raleigh in December. That flurry back on the 4th of December doesn’t look so bad anymore – right Meghan?!

8 inches of snow was NOT going to come between us and DisneyWorld though and we made the 10+ hour trip down to Florida and the predicted 70 degree weather. Swimsuit – packed! Sometime around 9:30pm, we arrived…


The rest of the trip was crazy [as expected] with my family staying out and about at theme parks, restaurants, and airports til after midnight every night. We brought in the new year alongside 987,479,642 of our closest friends at Disney Hollywood Studios [used to be MGM]. Their fireworks were much better than we ever could have done in Raleigh since [according to my waiting in line for food buddy] North Carolina doesn’t sell fireworks… hmmm…

We hope everyone had as great of a holiday break as we did.

Happy New Year from the Fante’s!

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  1. 6 January 2011 12:06 pm

    Yay! What a fun Christmas! You are such a good hostess :)

    My Christmas card made it up on the wall! (super cute idea, btw!) Right there on the bottom below all the baby and wedding cards :)

    I can’t wait to see some new fancy photos on the blog soon!

  2. Meghan permalink
    22 January 2011 1:06 pm

    The icicle picture is so pretty!

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