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installing windows

26 February 2011

Joey has been working extra hard getting all our new windows primed, painted, and installed. It definitely is a process – each sash has to be painted completely three times. The great thing about these windows, though, is that they are just replacement sashes, so all of our original wood trim on the interior and exterior of the windows remains untouched while the windows themselves are replaced.

Once a few of the new windows were painted, Joey worked on installing them in our bedroom.

Our original windows were opened and closed with a rope and weight pulley system. So, after cutting the rope and taking out the old windows, you can get to a little access panel that allows you get to the weight in that cavity. I suppose we could’ve just left the weights in the walls, but we went ahead and took them out. Joey thinks we can get $20 from the metal scrapyard and that’s better than letting them just sit and do nothing!

These “bigger” home improvement projects can be a little scary at times. Especially when you drive up to your house and some of your windows are missing.

Luckily, it didn’t take too long for that elevation of our house to go from looking like that to looking like this:

Aaaaaaaaah… much better! Right now, we have 7 windows installed and 5 more to go. And now that the warm weather is creeping its way back into the Carolinas, we can hopefully get back on the ongoing siding project. It will be nice to see that grey everywhere rather than only on the cedar shakes. It’s gonna look awesome!

PS. Sarah and Greg’s wedding is only ONE week away – wooooo hooooo! Can Gracie join?! She does so good in churches…


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