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12 March 2011

Sarah Hale Tomlinson

That monogram worked out, didn’t it? Good thing the unfortunate initials didn’t deter Sarah from saying “I do” this weekend to her best friend and perfect counterpart.

I made it through my rehearsal dinner speech with no tears and [under strict orders from my mom] no mention of any break ups that may or may not have happened during the course of Sarah and Greg’s relationship – no worries though, other people more than made up for my family’s “ixnay on the reakupbay.”  The thing is though, I think the story is worth telling… The breakup wasn’t instigated by an argument or lack of compatibility, but rather a selfless desire for the other person to not be tied down by a long distance relationship. In preparation for Sarah’s bachelorette party, I asked Greg when it was that he first realized Sarah was the girl he wanted to marry. His answer – “when she broke up with me.” No, he wasn’t just trying to get a laugh out of me. He just knew even in that moment that Sarah was his girl. Over the next year or so, they both did their own thing – but Greg never forgot or gave up on Sarah. What a great quality to find in a husband!  You found a good one, Sarah :)

We had such a wonderful time this weekend. All the festivities began on Friday with a quick trip to the nail salon, followed by a quick shopping trip to prepare for the predicted heavy rains all day Saturday.

Looking at this picture, I realize I have been in Raleigh away from my homeland too long. Look at the difference in mine and my mom’s tan! We have the same genes! I can tan just as well as she can! I have obviously been deprived of the sun here in North Carolina. I think a sun-filled, beach vacation is in order immediately.

Friday afternoon, we attended a beautiful bridesmaids luncheon hosted by a group of our favorite moms. Everything was delicious! And look at this cake!

For some reason, I decided not to take a single picture at the rehearsal dinner. Just imagine it – brown tablecloths, orchid centerpieces, slideshow of the worst pictures from our childhood [thanks mom], and my dad telling everyone during his speech that he thought Greg’s uncle was the owner of the building because he stood and greeted people at the door… Sometimes I wonder how we ever got these boys to agree to join our family….

Wedding day was awesome. Sarah was stunning and the rain came as predicted. Apparently all Hale weddings are just going to have rain. At my parents wedding 28 years earlier, the rain came horizontal. At our wedding 10.5 months ago, the rain came and the tornado sirens wished us farewell from our reception. Luckily for Sarah and Greg, there were no tornados. Just rain – and a lot of it. We already told Erin that there is no hope for her to have a rain free wedding day.

The rain didn’t stop anyone from having a great time though. We just sprayed on a little extra hairspray, packed a hairdryer, and went on our way. This picture is at our house getting ready. I told Greg’s mom “Didn’t Greg say he always wanted to marry a Texas girl with big hair?!” Well here ya go, Greg. I think this is the closest you will ever get to it with Sarah.

I chased the photographer around for the better part of the afternoon, hoping her skills would rub off on me. Sadly, it only revealed my inabilities thus far. I think I should take a class. or read a book. This is why I will only show you one picture from wedding day. and only because it is one of the few I actually got of me with the bride.

and one from my iphone

For all the amazing professional pictures, head here.

Congratulations again Mr. and Mrs. Tomlinson! Love you both! :)

Side note: I think I win the most amazing husband award. As I sat here and wrote this post, Joey scrubbed my car clean – inside and out. He’s a keeper :)


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