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Spring is for color

29 March 2011

This past weekend, Winter decided to reemerge just as I was ready to pull the summer clothes out of the attic. That’s what I get for living in North Carolina…

Along with ruining my closet switch plan, Winter also rained on our window painting plans. We see the light at the end of the window install tunnel, though. Only 2 more to go in the kitchen. The weather this coming weekend looks more promising.

So instead of the usual painting activities, we ventured out in search for some things that have been on my mind lately – paint, pillows, and rugs. We’ve been working really hard on the kitchen and exterior projects, and all the while the inside of our house is still the same sterile white it was the day we moved in. We have the beginnings of “real house” things, like 2 awesome leather couches from my paternal grandmother [hi Grandma!!] and an amazing kitchen table from my maternal grandparents – which actually first belonged to my great grandparents. [how cool is that?!] But we lack the decoration items that really make a house a home.

Exhibit A: drab looking living room [got enough blankets?!]

Exhibit B: really awesome table, pendant light and built-in china cabinet – but really weird patched up and mismatched pine flooring [next to the flip flop – yeah, I said it]

These spaces needed help. So after my sister forwarded me a 25% off coupon to World Market, we headed out to the ‘burbs to see what they had to offer. Here is Joey with one of our finds.

The best part? There just so happened to be a “Rug Event Sale” going on! Our $140 rug choices were marked down to $120. Add our 25% off coupon and we left with them for 90 bucks a piece! Pretty good if I do say so myself!

I couldn’t wait to get them into place to see how they looked. I just love that bright pop of yellow with the pillow! It’s so happy with the new rug. We are thinking that a nice gray wall will be the perfect backdrop to these colorful additions – what do you think?!

I spent the next hour or so trying to decide “to tuck” or “not to tuck.” Our space in the living room is kinda tight with the two couches, but we love the abundance of seating in there. [as do our guests, I’m sure] As you can see, I decided to tuck because the couches are not exactly lined up across from each other. Things like side tables and windows get in the way of OCD architect tendencies sometimes…

We finally managed to make some soup and grilled cheese for dinner around 9:30 that night. We decided to cozy up on the couch to enjoy our meal so we could gaze at our exciting new purchase. The coffee table had been placed back a little bit too far away from the couch, so Joey grabbed it to slide it closer, just like he has done many times before. Our new flatweave rug had different plans. The coffee table didn’t budge. So like any guy would do in that situation, he resorted to brute force. Sometimes that is the right decision, and sometimes it is not… this time – it was not.

I can still see that full glass of milk in the process of spilling all over our [less than 2 hours old] rug. Those kinds of things are just so painful. I had to keep repeating to myself over and over – “it’s just a rug. just a material possession. not the end of the world. not my husband’s fault. i would’ve done the same thing.” We all survived.

On the bright side, we know our rug can take it like a champ. We were really just breaking her in. I mean, with a 75 lb shedding lab, an on-site project manager husband, and a newborn little niece who we will steal quite frequently, we won’t have to be the crazies yelling “NOT ON THE RUG!” all the time. ahhhh relief! :)

Speaking of nieces, here’s the little Ella Bean on her first walk with Crazy Aunt Jen.

I didn’t realize this before our walk, but when you have a stroller like this, the baby inside just looks right up at you the whole time. Naturally, I just started talking to her. Don’t ask me what we talked about – I definitely don’t remember. Obviously riveting conversation – right Ella?! Right in the middle of my nonsense conversation throughout the sidewalks of the apartment complex, I glanced up and saw some guy on a second floor balcony looking at me like I was crazy. Is it not normal to blab to one month old babies in public?! woops.

And don’t get me started on unhooking/collapsing that carseat/stroller/baby carrier contraption. Epic fail on that one for me.

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  1. 30 March 2011 8:07 am

    love the new rugs! and ella.

  2. 30 March 2011 9:24 am

    Loooooove the new colorful additions! Eh….I guess the baby’s okay. Just kidding! Ella is adorable!

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