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house guest preparations

10 April 2011

Around here, we are getting ready for our families who will be visiting over Easter weekend. That means trying to finish up some outstanding projects so that our house doesn’t look so disheveled and crazy.

Step 1: buy needed decor items – happy to report that we still love all our new additions

Step 2: finish installing new windows – here is the last one going in!

Step 3: install new trim to replace a piece removed during demolition.

In this picture, you can see at the top where the old trim is missing and the side where the new piece is installed. We were having a hard time finding anything in the stores that came close to matching what the existing trim was. Joey found a bit for his router and was able to fabricate all the trim for us – he’s handy like that. A few days later, he had all the trim installed on all the windows- yay!

Step 4: order kitchen tile! – didn’t I warn you that it would be a few months?!

After looking at many, many options, we eventually settled on a 2×4 light gray glass tile for our backsplash

We also picked out a new floor tile to replace the crazy bright red VCT flooring. We went with a 12×24 light colored quartzite tile that is similar in color to the countertops.

The lead time on the tile is about 3 weeks. In the meantime, Joey and I will practice our laying tile skills.

On a separate note, we booked our one year anniversary trip down to the beach! We will celebrate our actual anniversary on Easter Sunday with our families in town, so we are taking our trip at the one year and one week mark. That is quite alright with me if it means we get to hang out in the deep blue ocean for the weekend

I think I’m gonna go start packing.

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