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Hardie har har

5 July 2011

It’s summertime and you know what that means? We are back outside again! We are bound and determined to finish up the siding restoration/replacement project that we started last summer. It may seem like we are a little scattered with this project, and the truth of the matter is – we are. For those of you new around here, here’s a quick recap of our siding project up unto this point.

– First, Joey’s parents offer to come to Raleigh for a week last summer to help us paint the exterior of our house.

– Out of curiosity and suspicion, Joey removes a couple of pieces of siding and discovers cedar shakes underneath.

– We determine that the cedar shakes reside only in between the piece of trim at the top of the windows and the piece of trim at the bottom of the windows.

– Above and below the windows, we find a rolled roofing material – kinda like one big painted shingle.

– We decide to restore the cedar shakes and replace the rolled roofing.

We first focused on restoring the cedar all the way around the house before tackling the rest of the house and here is what our house has been looking like since then.

Now, a year has passed, a lot has happened, and we are finally getting back to the rest of the siding on our house.

After a lot of discussion about what material to use to replace the remainder of the siding, we decided to go with a fiber cement board siding called Hardie board.

That brings us up to a few weekends ago. Joey’s parents were back for another generous work weekend, so we began phase 2 of our siding project. We focused first on the area below the windows and replaced that strip all the way around the house. Here it is without any siding. There is some sort of sealer on the wood which is why it looks black in this picture.

The next step was to nail a layer of waterproofing in place over this exposed wood and then cut it down to size. And preferably add enough nails so it doesn’t flap in the wind!

Once all the waterproofing was up and cut to size, it was time to start putting up the new siding!

Believe it or not, Joey actually found this siding on craigslist. The retail pricing for this siding was $6/board – and for a project needing probably a little over 200 boards, we were cringing a bit at the price. Not that we are expert estimators by any stretch of the imagination… Joey reached out to his contacts from work and they were able to help us out and get the price down to $5.25/board. We were very grateful for their willingness to help us out that $0.75/board, but also wanted to make sure we had exhausted all other options. Since 200 boards is really not that much in relation to how much siding is used on large projects, we started trying to locate “excess material” from jobsites. It was a stretch, but apparently meant to be – after a day or so of searching around, Joey located 136 boards in a warehouse about 10 minutes South of our house. In another fortunate turn of events, the person Joey contacted recognized Joey’s area code and realized that they are from the same small town in Florida – really?!? what a small world! This guy actually graduated from the same small college that Joey’s mom works for. As a hometown buddy favor, he offered to sell us the siding at $3/board! SCORE!! For the record, that is HALF price from what we would’ve paid full retail. This siding was in great condition, just a little dirty. But we are good at cleaning up messes.

We measured and snapped chalk lines to make sure that we were installing our new siding level, then used our friend, the Nail Gun, to secure everything in place.

We were just sure to keep those nails towards the top of the board so that they would continue to be covered by the board above. In case you are wondering, on the top board, we will sink the nails beneath the surface of the board and caulk over them to hide them.

We are still in the midst of the demo/replacement of siding. We are trying to focus our attention on small portions at a time so we don’t over expose our house to the elements as we complete it. Especially since we still need to buy another 75 boards or so. Fortunately, a neighbor walked by during one of our work weekends saying he sells Hardie board if we need any more. Thanks neighbor! We’ll be knocking on your door soon!

During the siding demo at the back of the house, we found some interesting paint marks on the existing rolled roofing.

Looks like some previous owners trimmed out the seams of the rolled roofing material. Imagine thin pieces of wood where those black stripes are in the picture of the back of the house. Weird, huh? Apparently it is an attempt to make it look like stucco. I checked the tax record photos hoping to find a picture of what this all looked like and sadly came up with nothing.

For the next week or two, you can guess what we will be working on. Hopefully we can make some progress on the demo and replacement while deciding what color we would like to paint the Hardie board. We are either painting everything the same charcoal gray color as the cedar or we are adding white to the dark paint until we get a tone on tone color that we like.

That patch on the lower siding is about 50% of the dark gray above. Joey and I have maintained opposite opinions about which color scheme we like better even though we both changed our minds from our original thought. ha!

What do YOU think?

4 Comments leave one →
  1. Mom permalink
    6 July 2011 12:59 am

    I think your in-laws are AWESOME!

  2. 6 July 2011 8:46 am

    Looks really good!!! I like the charcoal grey.

  3. Titi permalink
    13 July 2011 10:03 am

    I just love your work, your documentation, the choice of colors, your decision to keep the cedar shakes and paint them charcoal … everything (including your cute hubby and his awesome Dad)!!!
    You need your own TV show on the do-it-yourself network!!

  4. Heather VT permalink
    15 July 2011 11:25 am

    I’m just reading this today…everything looks great! I guess everyone got to see them last Monday night and I missed out. :( I think a slight contrast in gray might make the hardie board stand out a little?? I have always LOVED the look of a gray house with white trim. It looks great guys…

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