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the paintin pros

18 July 2011

That is what we will call ourselves once we are finally done painting our 900 sf house. I seriously think we are going to paint every little nook and cranny on this whole place. Inside and out. She deserves some tlc though since the previous owners admittedly never painted once in the 8 years they owned the place…. sigh……

Joey was able to get the last bit of existing siding off the back gable before we ran off to the beach for the weekend. It’s so interesting to see all the different colors the house turns as we progress through demolition to completion. We started at lavender, uncovered a dingy yellow, then a dark wood – next we will see white, then finally gray (but which gray?)!



Hey sweet Ella bean!

Sorry I woke you up when it was time for us to leave the beach in the middle of your nap. I hope the 30 minutes of me walking, rocking, and singing entertained you enough to sorta made up for it. Especially since it didn’t help you to go back to sleep… One day I’ll learn my lesson :)

Ok. where was I…?

Oh, right! Our lovely gable ended house.

Joey has been enjoying these long summer days so far. If not for the beach, for the 3 or so hours it gives him after work to jump up on the pump jacks and get some work done. He has been working like a dog this past week getting all that siding up in the gable. There sure is a lot up there.

It is coming along though!

So clean and white!

Joey got us this far early on this weekend, so after a few “no turning back now” discussions about our final paint color choice, we whipped out the mixer attachment for the drill and created a custom gray for the Hardie board portions of our house. You can call it Fante Gray if you’d like.

Ahhh! no turning back!

Does anyone else ever get really hesitant when it comes down to the point of no return? I get all freaked out – are we SURE this is what we want to do?! How much will it cost to change our minds?! What if everyone that drives by hates it?! All rational thoughts, I know…

We do live on a busy street in Raleigh that basically the whole city drives on at some point, and this does add a tiny bit of pressure. Even last night, a friend was talking to her friend whom we had just met about our house. When we described where our house was located, she said “oh yeah! the gray house on the corner!”


So now you understand why we started our experimental painting in the back… Ha! I wish we were that on top of it. The only reason we are starting back here is because we don’t want to keep moving the pump jacks back and forth. I guess it worked out well, though.

While Joey was in charge of Fante Gray, I climbed on up the ladder and did some paint scraping on the windows that we painted and installed a while back and also worked on painting all the trim pieces around the windows white.

Truthfully, I just put these pictures in to prove that I actually do work on the house.

BTW, there’s your first glimpse of Fante Gray…

We arrived at this color by mixing a base white paint into the darker gray that we already bought. It is around a 2/3rds proportion of dark to white. It seems a little darker in real life than it is reading in this picture (at least on my computer screen). We are going for a tone on tone look that “goes” together, but also distinguishes between the two materials.

Hopefully it will start to come together when we paint the area below the windows as well. Just give us a day…. or two.

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  1. 18 July 2011 11:00 am

    Looking good! I’m loving Fante Gray!

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