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porch perkiness

22 July 2011

Sometimes it’s nice when you are in the midst of really large and time consuming projects on your house, to take an hour or two to complete something quick and easy.

Last weekend, we were up to our ears in paint, so Saturday afternoon, we scooted over to the local nursery to take a look around. The landscaping around our house leaves a lot to be desired, so Joey and I have been brainstorming ways to spruce it up a bit.

Here is what we could see out the back of our house last summer.

Admittedly, it is looking a little more brown this summer. We are working on it, but with the highs this week over 100 degrees, it is proving to be quite the task.

It was good to go to the garden shop to get a better idea of what will work in our yard/climate, and get an idea of how much we should budget when we do decide to bite the bullet. With the weather at it’s hottest right now, we are going to postpone larger landscaping purchases until early fall.

Even though the weather has forced us to hold off on major yard improvements, it hopefully won’t get in the way of what we did leave the nursery with.

These plants were purchased for some empty pots on our porch from an IKEA trip so long ago, I can’t even remember when it was. I really like the pots, but the empty container look was just a daily reminder of how non-flowery our front porch has been.

But as you can see, our porch stays pretty shady during the day thanks to our giant oak tree on the corner. We estimated around 4 hours of afternoon sun when talking to the garden expert at the nursery, but now that I am paying more attention to it – i think that guess was a little optimistic. Here’s hoping the new plants get enough sunshine to survive (and I don’t have to cart them out to and from the backyard everyday).

I hope they do – they look so happy on the front porch! I smile every time I walk in the front door.

In case anyone is curious – the 3 plants we ended up with were a sweet potato vine, purple angelonia, and marigolds.

Anyone have any advice for someone that kills plants on a regular basis?!

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  1. jessica permalink
    25 July 2011 10:45 am

    Love your plant choices! I get sweet potato vines every year, in green and in purple. They’re amazing, just keep them watered. I also picked up some of the angelonia this year. Check out some common shade plants: begonias, impatients/vincas. Next year, for your sunnier areas, try some kind of ornamental grass or lantana. I bought a purple grass (purple fountain grass is similar and “blooms”) this year, and it’s huge! also check out heuchura, my mom has some on the front porch and its come back the last couple of years, its a good shade plant, and goes well with caladiums. Yes, I’m an endless supply of plant information, i hate it, really i do! Anyway, as long as you keep the sunny plants sunny, and water it all, you’ll have great results!

    • 26 July 2011 8:15 pm

      woah! I just found my gardening resource! :) thanks for all the info. and good news – looks like the sweet potato vines are growing! ….baby steps….

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