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New York City in 30 miles

20 August 2011

Last weekend, Joey and I managed to put down the paintbrushes and hammers, pack up the Jetta, and scoot off to New York City for a long overdue visit with a dear friend. In typical fashion, she got up a whole recap post before I even downloaded the pictures from my camera. [or unpacked my bag…]

In the initial planning of this trip, I investigated the possibility of driving from Raleigh to NYC. To my surprise, GoogleMaps was only calling it 9 hrs. Seeing as we have gotten pretty good at the 8hr, only one stop for a fuel, food and restroom break, I said to myself “what’s another hour in the car? Especially since the money we save driving can buy 1/3 of a stove or 90% of the replacement siding needed on our house.”  This is what happens when you are 25 years old and renovating your home.  No crazy huge budget like the houses you design at work. These decisions matter! and if riding in the car for 18+ hours over a long weekend means you can go ahead and buy the thing you’ve been saving up for [and stop making dinner on plywood counters], then you will make it happen.

So drive we did. Through Richmond, Washington DC, Baltimore, close to Philly, up New Jersey and over to New York.  The new scenery definitely made the drive more interesting. In an effort to scoot around some traffic, look how close we got to the Washington Monument and Jefferson Memorial! [and the bugs on my windshield]

We made it into Brooklyn by 10:30pm – plenty of time to find a parking spot, get settled, and listen to myself talk in that fast-paced/excited/why am I still talking-mode for a good solid hour. Sorry Melissa, sorry Joey…

Turns out, I probably should have been resting up for the next few days events that I was grossly unprepared for. I think Melissa and Kurt clocked us in at walking 9 miles the first day and biking 21 miles the next. We covered 30 miles in 2 days! Can you say sore feet? [and sore everything else in my body?]

We had a great time  on Friday walking up Park Slope, exploring Manhattan, and eating great food along the way. We probably should have stopped in to get a doughnut at the Doughnut Plant, but we merely window shopped and admired their signage.

We ventured over to our brother-in-laws old stomping grounds and sent some “isn’t this your old apartment?!” picture messages, which spawned a nostalgic series of texts about our in-law’s former city. I will say, it was a pretty cool apartment.

We had a wonderful lunch at the restaurant Peels. I had seen a glimpse of their interiors on another blog and it definitely did not disappoint.

Neither did the food.

Downtown Manhattan has started a “take back the streets” initiative [I made that up] and now has all this great sidewalk seating space. By the way, check out the gorgeous weather we had during our visit.

Well hello, Flatiron Building!

We had some afternoon drinks on a [stationary] boat bar called the Frying Pan. Never really figured out where the name came from but there was a giant cast iron skillet parked out front…

After our drinks, we walked the Highline as tour guide Kurt [Melissa’s landscape architect boyfriend] told us all about the design and construction. It was pretty cool to weave through the city/buildings 2 stories above the street.

There were all sorts of places along the pathway to pause and observe. This framed view of the streetscape was pretty interesting.

The next morning we hopped on some of the Martig brothers’s extra bikes and took to the streets of Manhattan. But first we did a super cool group photo with the self timer on my camera. I couldn’t quickly figure out how to change the timer from 2 seconds and decided just to run really fast.

That’s right, I ran track in high school.

Hmmm, I have an idea…

move closer! good enough for me. Moving on.

We stumbled upon a film set at one point. Please take note of the bad 80’s hair and cutoff tshirts. Also the guy in the street holding up tree branches to cast shadows on a guy they were filming wash his car. It was quite the production.

We stopped off for some skyline pictures at the Brooklyn Bridge Park at about mile 5 of our biking adventure.

Then there were about 16 miles of other activities that included bars, hanging out with old friends and trying to avoid getting hit by cars.

They wore us out but we had a great time! Thanks for hosting us! Let’s just hope we make it back before another 3 years pass.

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  1. 22 August 2011 1:35 pm

    Thanks for visiting! You guys were troopers!

    Love your pictures, btw!

    • 24 September 2011 1:35 pm

      hahah thanks mel! I was trying to find some from different angles than yours – I think we took all our pictures side by side! :)

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