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rainy days

5 September 2011

We’ve been moving full steam ahead on our siding project outside while it’s still summer. We’ve been fortunate to have a lot of nice, sunny weekends to get a lot of work done. All until one Saturday morning a few weeks ago…

We woke up and it was POURING rain. I spent the next few minutes in bed thinking of what inside project we should tackle that morning while it rained on our painting parade outside.

Should we work on the wall/backsplash tile in the kitchen?? No, the wet saw has to be set up outside… Should we paint the living room? No, that will take all weekend – especially because Joey wants to fix some cracks in our walls.

Then, it hit me. The bathroom! More specifically, the shower faucet/enclosure. We have an awesome claw foot tub but a less than awesome tub fixture. It was old, brassy, and rusty. Basically, it was gross – and I’m sure our house guests all agreed. More importantly, I had a brand new shower curtain waiting for the makeover [because I didn’t want to put it on the gross shower enclosure and rusty shower curtain rings]

from here

I have proven already that I am not the best at taking “before” shots at our house. I usually find us an hour into a project thinking – “hey, I’m not sure if I have any before shots here…” So here is the best I have of our bathroom’s “before” state.

That’s quality stuff right there.

So back to the shower enclosure. I have been shopping around for a new one for – oh, I don’t know – a year or so, but at $600 for the cheapest replacement, it was time I started thinking of a different solution. I’ve seen several blogs where people use an oil-rubbed bronze spray paint with pretty good results. I figured it wouldn’t hurt to go that route before forking over some serious change in order to replace it. What’s the worst that could happen? It looks terrible and we have to replace it? Well then we are back to where we started anyways. I figured it was worth a shot.

Here is a better picture of just the shower enclosure so you can see what we were dealing with.

btw – the paint/plaster was coming off the walls behind the shower curtain = grody. There’s some insight for you on why this house was on the market for over a year before we came along.

The second the shower enclosure came down, Joey was digging out his drywall supplies from the basement to fix the walls. Suddenly, this was becoming a much larger project than just spray painting the shower enclosure…. Where have I seen this before???

While I set up my spray painting shop on the front porch, Joey went to town in the bathroom – scraping off peeling plaster, cutting out globs of paint and cleaning out the corners so that they will be nice and crisp. Pretty soon, he had the room looking like this.

aahhhhh. much better.

I made good progress on my spray painting adventures – making sure to do several thin, even coats rather than one thick and runny one.

Most of the pieces were pretty straightforward – until we got to the shower head. We didn’t want the paint to stop up all the tiny holes where the water comes out, so Joey’s idea was to plug each hole with a toothpick.

It worked like a charm! Actually, it even unclogged some of the openings that had little mineral deposits in them. Now, our shower head is a little less spastic and a little more rain-like.

Back inside now to the progress on the walls, Joey decided that it would be easier to paint the whole bathroom while we had most of the room disassembled. I had been brainstorming colors for the bathroom that complimented the new shower curtain well, but hadn’t really made my decision. I always second guess paint color choices – but we went ahead and bought a pint of Benjamin Moore’s Rainforest Dew and a gallon of the same trim paint we picked for outside, Benjamin Moore’s Distant Gray. Both color-matched to Olympic No-VOC Interior paint.

I cut in while Joey rolled and pretty soon there was no turning back on the paint choice [for now].

We worked til the wee hours of the morning – knowing the shower had to be in working condition for us to get ready for work the next morning.

Around midnight, we finally had it all done!

Or so we thought…..

Turns out in all of our gymnastics of standing on the tub and toilet to reach the higher places where a stool wouldn’t fit, we had somehow managed to make the toilet tank leak. We are smart enough to not stand on the tank itself – we were just standing on the closed lid. Once Joey investigated, the bolts in the toilet that hold the tank to the the bowl were completely rusted away. We tried everything to make the leak stop, but the fact that the bolts were rusted and unremoveable only made things worse. We went to bed with a bucket under the tank and planned to go toilet shopping Tuesday after work. We had plans Monday that prevented the toilet switcheroo from happening that night.

After two days of needless errand running just so that we could use the facilities in the store, we were finally at Lowes. One much needed bathroom break later, and we were proudly headed to the register with our new and beautiful throne. We purchased a Kohler low-flow, high efficiency toilet and haven’t looked back since. It is wonderful! One of my favorite parts [besides the whole low-flow, less wasted water thing] is how we don’t have to hold the handle down while the toilet flushes. [ahhh modern day conveniences!]

She looks mighty fancy there in the corner of our bathroom.

Although, the space we gained in her absence was kinda nice too…

But what would a bathroom be without a toilet?!

Next on the list for the bathroom is a storage strategy to go from ZERO storage to slightly more than zero storage. Here are some images I’ve found via Pinterest that are serving as my inspiration.

from here

from here

from here

I’m off to go paint away my last day as a 25 year old. :)

5 Comments leave one →
  1. Mom permalink
    5 September 2011 7:51 pm

    Lookin’ good!!! I still want to see the green sample on the kitchen walls – same as the green in your rug…. It’ll look real good, I promise!

  2. Mom permalink
    5 September 2011 7:52 pm

    …… and ……….let me be the first to say….. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! (One day early!)

  3. G'ma permalink
    11 September 2011 6:01 pm

    Lordy Day, Jen and Joey—this so reminds me of some long ago
    projects Grandpa and I had–you just need a little Alan and
    littler Roger to help you!!! Look forward to seeing it in Oct!!

    • 24 September 2011 1:42 pm

      hahah – one thing at a time grandma :) can’t wait to see you and Sue next month!

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