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no running by the pool!

25 September 2011

My younger brother started college this year. Like all of his three older sisters, he chose to spend his college years at the greatest school on the plains – Auburn [duh!]

disclaimer: Sarah actually started at Furman University in South Carolina, but after 2 full years of trying to convince her to come live with me at Auburn, she finally caved and finished out college closer to home. [yep, it was ALL me…. definitely not because Auburn has a fantastic nursing program and Furman doesn’t offer one] It’s ok that she started there, though. If she hadn’t, she would’ve never met the man who turned her initials from normal to much more interesting. Plus, we like having him around. He’s goofy.

Anyways, back on track.

If you only know one thing about my husband, you would know that he LOVES college football. He took his first steps in an Auburn onesie – so I guess you can say he’s been a fan for a while. The second thing you would know about Joey is that he has a passion for building things. anything. [as if our blog didn’t make that obvious] During the summer between our 2nd and 3rd year of architecture school, he built a lifeguard stand for their game day tailgate spot. I helped paint it. I learned that day that Joey does not like to be painted on. A friendly game of acting like I was going to paint on his face turned into me actually painting his face – which turned into almost getting thrown into the disgusting lake behind the apartment building.

Lesson learned: don’t paint on Joey. or is it don’t let Joey get so dadgum worked up about things? The jury’s still out on that one….

Here we are in the early days of the lifeguard chair.

Can anyone else believe that was SIX years ago?! good golly.

Everyone had a good time in the lifeguard chair. Especially our brother-in-law, Shaun.

Lifeguard stand no. 1 eventually got passed on to some younger friends and its whereabouts are no longer known by us… [tear…]

No worries, though! Once Robby made the decision to attend Auburn this fall, he immediately requested that work on lifeguard stand duo begin. So, one weekend this summer, Joey and Robby headed off to Home Depot and got to work.

Anyone else freaked out by Robby’s “cut stance”?  Good thing he is studying to become an engineer…

Before too long, lifeguard stand duo was standing pretty.

Joey will tell you the pride and glory of lifeguard stand duo is it’s ability to be flat packed. The front ladder steps and the back cross bracing is all attached with bolts for easy removal. Each side will then fit in the back of a truck bed and the seat can than sit safely on top of everything else.  This will be a far cry better than letting the whole thing hang out the back of a truck bed or strapping it on top of an SUV [which we totally didn’t do, mom].

We left Robby with the task of painting and reassembling. I am still waiting on an “after” picture from him [I hope you are reading this, bud] so I’m not convinced he actually finished painting it. I also got word that the bolts have gone missing.

We should have seen that coming….

Here’s hoping it makes its game day debut sometime THIS season.

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  1. Martha Hale permalink
    25 September 2011 5:01 pm

    He in fact did bring it to the tailgate yesterday, picking it up from his friend’s house where we stored it on move in day. He arrived proudly ready to put it together and when I asked whether he remembered the bolts, he uttered one word and took off again. Much searching came up empty but he did find them late that evening when he finally contacted his friend ( who had put them in his car!?!?) we left the parts in his dorm so I have faith that he will put it together this week!

    • 25 September 2011 6:12 pm

      I’m glad he found the bolts! I figured that would take a few more weeks. :) hopefully it can make it’s debut for the Florida game in a few weeks…

  2. uel permalink
    28 September 2011 10:55 am

    Uh hmmm. “Joey built” the lifeguard stand…

    Also, the consensus is that the bulkiness, largeness, and awkwardness of a giant lifeguard stand is quite critical; needless to say, I’m a little skeptical of this “flatpack” claim.

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