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we heart grey

29 October 2011

It wasn’t too long after my younger brother, Robby, went to college that my dad went away on his first business trip, leaving my mom all by herself in our 6 person home in Birmingham.  During a phone chat the next day, she was telling me how it was weird to be in that big house all by herself. I simply responded, “Mom, you have car – if you’re bored, then you can just DRIVE to see people!”  She paused for a second and quickly followed with “you know, that’s true! How ‘bout I come to Raleigh this weekend and paint your living room?!”

Joey and I spent the next 48 hours making our final decision on paint colors and prepping the walls/house for our painting extravaganza.

Can I just pause a moment to say just how blessed we are to have families that will graciously give of their free time to drive 8 hrs [one way], put on their work clothes, and give us just the spark we need to tackle the bigger projects on our house. Thank you – seriously, couldn’t do it without you.

We had been wavering about starting the interior painting of the bigger rooms in our house. I don’t know what we were so worried about – it really wasn’t that big of a deal.

Mom and I had a good time in the kitchen Monday night cooking for our TV Night crew. We made a Cuban feast that I am still reliving in my head. Tuesday, I took off work and we got up bright and early (cough… 10:30….cough….) to get a jump on all the painting we were planning for the day.

Before Joey left for work, he very sweetly moved all the furniture in the middle of the room and covered it up for us.

So we could get right to painting

We decided on a Benjamin Moore color called Grey Owl – surprised?! obviously we like grey around here…

I just wanted a soft grey that would help all the beautiful trim work pop more. With the white trim on white walls, everything was just disappearing. Here’s a shot from the same angle as the first room picture so you can see the difference.

Mom was a rockstar and tackled the dining room on Wednesday while we went to work.

It always amazes me what a coat of paint can do for a space. Our house feels so much cleaner now. Not that our house was dirty before, but the white walls get scuffed and scraped and just look dingy. The new paint makes everything feel clean and crisp and lovely. :)

anyone else love a good coat of paint as much as I do?

ps. thanks Mom for all your help – we love having you in town! :)

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  1. Martha Hale permalink
    29 October 2011 9:42 pm

    My pleasure! Now can I paint your kitchen too??? (IF you let me pick the color!!!!)

    • 31 October 2011 6:42 pm

      yes, Mom – you are welcome to come help paint our kitchen anytime! and maybe we’ll patch a sample on the wall before making any decisions :)

  2. 31 October 2011 9:52 am

    Yay for progress and free labor! Such a pretty color! Martha does good work :)

    • 31 October 2011 6:43 pm

      yes she does! I’m glad you like the color – obviously we love all shades of grey…

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