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keeper of the keys

3 November 2011

We recently loaded up the Jetta and took the the freeway to see our Tigers play at home. We have only been to one other game this season, so it was about time. Forgive me for not recapping the first time, but the wounds were still fresh for a while after that game.

I will share one picture I liked from that weekend though…

As you may recall, I recently tried to light a fire under my younger brother to finish lifeguard stand duo before we came into town. After a few detours with my parents on the trip down to Auburn (forgotten banana pudding, roadside bbq, and picking up hitchhiker friends), we finally pulled into campus and found Robby’s tailgate spot.

Well lookie there!

I seriously gasped when we turned the corner and I saw the lifeguard stand in the distance. [overdramatic, I know]

We had SUCH a good time at Robby’s tailgate! He and his roommates save a spot right outside their first floor dorm room along one of the main concourses into campus. There are so many people that walk by and it is super convenient to the stadium. Because of it’s proximity to the dorm, the boys are able to toss power/cable cords out the window to hook up the television outside. It’s also nice to have a [somewhat] clean, private bathroom as well! My mom and I were laughing watching Robby enjoy having the “keys to the kingdom” as he let people through the locked exterior door to his dorm building.

He probably would rather have kept me away from his friends though…

ahhh much better :)

We had a lot of fun sitting in the lifeguard stand watching everyone go by.

Joey and I took a turn up there for old times sake

and since I have recently been accused of being “wordy,” I will just dump the rest of the photos from the weekend up here…

“wordy?! who you callin wordy?!”

[he’s single ladies…]

[next time, I’ll make Ole Sassy take off his hat]

war eagle, friends!

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  1. uel permalink
    3 November 2011 12:32 pm

    I like this post. Not too wordy.

  2. 3 November 2011 2:44 pm

    Whoa! 2 posts in a week! Amazing!!

    Looks like such a fun time! I miss Auburn :( I could have used a more wordy description. How did the day go?! How were you feeling?! What fabulous Auburn restaurants did you eat at?! So many unanswered questions!!!!

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