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just call me Susie

10 November 2011

For our birthday this year, my mom got both Sarah and me sewing machines! My mom purchased one for herself recently and has thoroughly enjoyed making all sorts of lovely things for any and everyone. I was super excited when I opened up the gift because I have been wanting to learn how to sew. Trouble was [just like any other hobby] finding the time to actually dive in and get started.

Enter Natalie.

She and her friend [also named Natalie] had recently decided to break out their sewing machines and learn to sew. Since my friend, Natalie, lives in North Carolina and her friend, Natalie, lives in NYC, they started a sewing blog to be able to document their progress and “do” projects together. I bet they were going to call it something awesome like “See Natalie’s Sew” or “Nat and Nat Sew This and That” but NC-atalie (see what I did there?) ruined that by asking me to join them…

Luckily for them, I have absolutely no former sewing skills, so my efforts should be entertaining at least.

I will post links here whenever I manage to successfully complete a project, so here’s your first link!

[a not so scary] zippered pillow cover

Here’s a sneak peek that will hopefully entice you to check out the post.

hope you enjoy!

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