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a bathroom storage upgrade

7 January 2012

oh my….

did I really let 2 months slip by without a blog post?! no worries – it’s not for a lack of projects! consider yourself warned. :)

remember back in September when I told you about our rather dingy bathroom?

and then I showed you how we scraped, patched and painted practically EVERY surface – eventually getting to here?

[sorry for the weirdly yellow night picture – I am still learning my camera]

Well, all that work left us with a pretty bathroom but even LESS storage than we had before! We had a crummy towel rack/shelf system at the end of the tub [the same wall that the door is on in the picture above] but that came down and went straight to the trash. It wasn’t even worth donating sadly… and notice my hairdryer in a basket on top of the toilet? yeah, that was less than ideal.

I shared some inspiration pictures before on how I thought we could deal with our storage situation.

from here

from here

from here

I really loved the storage ledges in the first two inspiration images. We didn’t even have anywhere for guests to place a hairbrush or razor or bobby pin! Unfortunately, on top of the toilet tank was the best option – yikes!

I also really loved the clean lines and look of the floating shelves in the third inspiration image.

So we did our own version of both!

Our house doesn’t have any frilly details, so we chose to just keep that ledge board crisp and clean across the top of the wainscoting rather than add trim/moulding. Joey did an excellent job making sure the ledge was seamless with the bottom shelf of the medicine cabinet. See, in the third picture of this post, there is a small window sill-type ledge at the base of the medicine cabinet? Joey cut that back so that our seam where the new ledge met the old medicine cabinet sill would be covered by the closed cabinet door. [you know, in case it looked terrible]

I get really antsy when we start demolishing things in our house – which is probably why I stayed away and didn’t take any progress pictures.

anyone notice where I am standing/sitting to get this shot? [hint: look at the bottom left corner of the picture above]

While we’re here, I’ll show you the new shower shelf to my left.

I just love all the added storage space we were able to get with just 3 shelves. [no more hairdryer on the toilet! no more digging through the guest bedroom closet to find more toothpaste!]

PS. How perfect are those baskets?! I breezed through the baskets section at Michael’s while I was picking up some picture frames for Christmas presents this year and they had ALL their baskets at 50% off. I think I paid $12.50 for each. And since all of our shelves were made from scrap wood from old projects, the only money we spent on this project was for paint and new bathroom hardware. We got the double towel bar and toilet paper holder from Lowes and opted for simple hooks to hold the hand towels. Not too shabby if you ask me.

I am so thrilled with the way everything turned out. Of course, there are still a few tweaks that we still need to work on – but that’s how we roll. Here’s hoping this weekend is a productive one!

oh yeah, and HAPPY NEW YEAR, friends!

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  1. 7 January 2012 7:15 pm

    Yay!! What great solutions! Welcome back to the blog world :)

  2. Laura Horrigan permalink
    9 January 2012 10:46 pm

    I love the floating white shelves Jen and Joey. They were such a wonderful suggestion for Ella’s room too, they are so clean looking. Nice job, can’t wait to make it to Raleigh to check it out in person!

    • 21 January 2012 11:46 am

      you know we can’t wait to have y’all! :)


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