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steel-ing the show

21 January 2012

Last time I told you about our kitchen, we were getting rid of our old, red VCT tile, and installing our new floor tile.

During the rest of the summer, we moved to outside projects – like finishing the installation of our hardie board sidingpainting, painting, and more painting.

Our kitchen to-do list remained in the back of my head – tile the backsplash, paint the walls, and buy new appliances. So when Joey and I both heard a radio ad for a tax-free weekend AND an extra 10% off Energy Star appliances at Lowes, we knew it was time to buy.

We were in the market for a new range and a new refrigerator, since both were old and white. They were bringing the look of our nice kitchen down for sure. Our house didn’t come with a fridge, and since we had just acquired a large amount of debt, I scoured Craigslist for a temporary fridge until we got around to buying new appliances. I ended up finding a developer who was renovating an old apartment complex and selling everything inside. I wish I had snapped a picture, but you can imagine about 30 refrigerators and 20 stoves in the front yard of the complex. Very classy :)  We were one of the first few people there, and got to watch a few guys pressure wash all the appliances with a bleach solution. [thank goodness] A lot of them were dinged and scratched, but luckily, we were able to find one that looked pretty good. Since a lot of them were the same brand, we might have even scavenged some of the other refrigerators for the best shelves, drawers, and racks. [you snooze, you lose, people!] We’re lucky we got there when we did though, because an appliance repair man showed up and wanted to buy every appliance in the yard. I told him he could buy all except for ours and luckily, everyone laughed and agreed. Pretty soon, we had our new [to us] fridge in its new home.

So yeah, all that to say we brought home a very basic fridge for $75 and it was a great stand-in for the past two years. But, the time had come for us to move on. [it’s not you, it’s us]

We weren’t really picky about the brand of appliances we wanted to get, so we just went to the store and looked around. Our microwave is a Samsung, and our dishwasher is a GE, so really, our new appliances could be whatever we found the best deal on.

Being the designers that we are, we were of course instantly attracted to the sleek, professional look of this Samsung gas range.

The use of stainless steel in the design of this range takes it far beyond the plastic-y look of the other ranges in this price range. We also found a great deal on a Samsung refrigerator perfect for the space we had available in the corner of our kitchen.

We opted for a french door/bottom freezer model. Since we use the fridge on a more regular basis, it is definitely nice to have the freezer on the bottom and the fridge contents at eye level. No more forgetting about the potatoes hiding in the bottom drawer.

We scheduled our delivery and about two weeks later, had the delivery truck outside our house.

woo hoo! look at that awesome stove.

and my favorite part – peeling the plastic!

Let’s not forget about the fridge – so fancy!

Here’s the range in its new home as well.

See how nicely it goes with our microwave? We were definitely excited about that.

Of course, a little bit of prep work had to go into getting our kitchen ready for these appliances. We were switching from an electric range to a gas range and our new freezer had an ice maker. [oh the joys of modern appliances!]

We had a professional run the gas line for us. Our furnace is gas-fueled, so he just had to tee off the existing line in our basement. Joey was able to run a water line himself though.

This next picture doesn’t show the finished water line – it is off center which is why you can see the edge of the drywall on the right. But, I didn’t take another picture before Joey got it hooked up and covered over with the fridge.

Here, you should insert the picture of the gas line that I forgot to take. Please don’t be like me.

ahhh – how beautiful is that?!

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  1. 22 January 2012 1:28 am

    Looks so great!! Can’t wait to visit and see it all in person!

    • 22 January 2012 1:14 pm

      yay! glad you like them! You better get your booty here soon – I already have a project picked out for us while the boys are at the golf course… get excited!



  2. 22 January 2012 3:35 pm

    hooray! they look awesome!! now how about that tile backsplash? :) i need you to pick up my blogging slack

  3. 22 January 2012 5:04 pm

    If it is tiling the back splash….I may not be able to make it ;)

  4. Rob permalink
    27 January 2012 3:16 am

    i see what you did there with the “steeling.” clever

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